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How Men Look

Looking good couldn’t be easier than going to the Stacey Adams website. They have kept up with the times and may have improved on them. These guys have everything a man could possibly need or want in one website. For those who think you can’t afford it Stacey Adams has a clearance section too. I really LOVE a well dressed man. Now I don’t mean a suit, well ya’ll look great in those too but I’m talking about everyday living. Shorts mixed with good shoes, shirt and some good smelling something to titillate is fun. I guess I started blogging about how men present themselves because I moved to the country 4 years ago. And I have been very disappointed in the way these guys dress out here. They have no clue and what hurts is they don’t want one. Never in my life have I seen such horrible dressing. Oh wait, I have! Downtown Houston has a host of homeless walking around after dark and the similarities are striking.

So I’m really talking to the guy that just needs a little help looking nice or the guy who definitely knows how to look his best. If you ever have any questions for me just ask. I may not be able to dress myself (lol) but I can make a man look good on any budget.



How Men Look

I’ve always been the kind of girl/woman who likes a man that knows how to dress. There’s something about watching him walk up to you looking so nice. The way they smell matters too. But then again I had an awesome boyfriend who would come home with grease and stuff all over him and it was insane but I loved it. I loved the way he looked and smelled and most of the time he barely made it in the door before it was on.

Since this is me I still like to see them clean and looking like they put some thought and effort into it. Like the man who came and towed my car today. He’s country but his jeans were ironed and his shirt was nice and the cowboy hat looked good too. He was nice to look at. No he was great to look at. I even shuck a look at his butt when he turned around. His wife is a lucky woman, especially around here where the guys look like they just crawled out of a well.

More men now look like they put effort into the way they look. From the CEO to some gangsta they spend money to look like money. Not that a CEO would dress the same as a gangsta but the money they spend on their clothes is about the same. I mean who in their right mind would spend 250.00 on a sweat suit? I’ve met someone who did and does. Even country boys are known to spend $175.00-250.00 on a pair of jeans and even more for the boots. The world need more men to care about the way they look. It would be nice.