Can’t A Girl Make It: part 2

You have to be strong sometimes & know that things will work out. I’ve been in a pickle since the 1st. My car breaks down so I borrow money to fix it. Like Two Broke Girls my year starts out   -$400.00

So I get my car back and it runs fine until two days later when it shook and felt like I was off roading only I was driving around my yard….I had to get AAA to come get it and take it to get diagnosed. I am crossing my fingers it’s spark plugs. My attitude is pretty positive but it seems like everything I touch falls apart lately.

This really sucks though because even the nearest store is 3 miles away. It pays to make a few good friends out here in the country. Otherwise I’d be in too good of shape having to hoof it to the store. Everything else is at least a 20 minute drive.

Watching: Little Nicky to cheer myself up. And of course this little blog makes me feel like I’m not alone……


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