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Organic Girl

I’m so excited! I love  make-up, hair care, & looking younger. Organic products basically come from the healthy foods we are told to eat to live a long and happy life. So why not use it for our skin, hair and to make ourselves look pretty? It’s good for the environment and Juice Beauty products have absolutely no chemicals in them at all. Everything is natural & who better to use than Mother Nature herself to keep us looking young and vibrant?

Here are some of the products I ordered from Juice Beauty: Green Apple Peel. Lord knows I need one of these every once in a while! Then I got some Blemish Clearing Cleanser & my face feels light, clean but it’s not drying out, which is what I have been looking for. Okay, the Shampoo I had in there too was for Repairing. Here’s what’s in it: coconut, aloe, cucumber & rice protein. I noticed a difference right away and it didn’t leave my hair feeling oily. Last but not least in my bag of goodies was for wrinkles. I’m 44 and I see no immediate problem but I have noticed some changes going on when I look in the mirror. So this cream is made with fruit stem cells. It’s called Stem Cellular. I thought, this is the new thing. And what we know of Stem Cell research of any kind so far is that it heals. I believe in healing. We do so much to our skin and hair daily & I believe we should spoil ourselves when it comes to the first thing everyone sees when they meet you and that is our faces. I’m at the age now where it’s starting to matter to me. I want to look as good without make-up as I did 10 years ago and so far this product is doing it for me.


How Men Look

I’ve always been the kind of girl/woman who likes a man that knows how to dress. There’s something about watching him walk up to you looking so nice. The way they smell matters too. But then again I had an awesome boyfriend who would come home with grease and stuff all over him and it was insane but I loved it. I loved the way he looked and smelled and most of the time he barely made it in the door before it was on.

Since this is me I still like to see them clean and looking like they put some thought and effort into it. Like the man who came and towed my car today. He’s country but his jeans were ironed and his shirt was nice and the cowboy hat looked good too. He was nice to look at. No he was great to look at. I even shuck a look at his butt when he turned around. His wife is a lucky woman, especially around here where the guys look like they just crawled out of a well.

More men now look like they put effort into the way they look. From the CEO to some gangsta they spend money to look like money. Not that a CEO would dress the same as a gangsta but the money they spend on their clothes is about the same. I mean who in their right mind would spend 250.00 on a sweat suit? I’ve met someone who did and does. Even country boys are known to spend $175.00-250.00 on a pair of jeans and even more for the boots. The world need more men to care about the way they look. It would be nice.

Can’t A Girl Make It: part 2

You have to be strong sometimes & know that things will work out. I’ve been in a pickle since the 1st. My car breaks down so I borrow money to fix it. Like Two Broke Girls my year starts out   -$400.00

So I get my car back and it runs fine until two days later when it shook and felt like I was off roading only I was driving around my yard….I had to get AAA to come get it and take it to get diagnosed. I am crossing my fingers it’s spark plugs. My attitude is pretty positive but it seems like everything I touch falls apart lately.

This really sucks though because even the nearest store is 3 miles away. It pays to make a few good friends out here in the country. Otherwise I’d be in too good of shape having to hoof it to the store. Everything else is at least a 20 minute drive.

Watching: Little Nicky to cheer myself up. And of course this little blog makes me feel like I’m not alone……

Organic Skin Care

Since the new year has started I decided to change what I put on my face. i’m going Organic with my make-up. I ordered up some presents to be shipped to who? Me! I think putting natural as opposed to chemical  make-up on my face everyday is the new way to go. I’ll let you know and post before and after pics to see which one looks better or if the products look the same. This should be fun.

I hope every woman who cares about her skin should look into Organic make-up. I know my skin’s going to love it~

Can’t a Girl make it

My car broke down about 12:30 am. Thirty minutes after the new year. For a second I felt like the whole world was coming down around me. Then I thought of the beautiful time I had just not a moment before on New Years Eve. So I had to smile, calm down and figure it out. My dear friends were there in twenty minutes to save the night and as of this moment the car has been fixed. Amazingly

I felt a strange calm come over me the next morning and I just knew everything was going to be fine. I was more than right. See I live in the middle of Texas no where and if you don’t know anyone you’re pretty much up shit creek so to speak. I’ve lived here going on four years and have met some of the most genuine and honest bunch of people. Let me tell you you’ll know if they don’t like you because not one of them will talk to you. Not so much as a head nod. But, I have been blessed with plenty of head nods and how’re you doings. So for now this girl can make it. We’ll just have to see what happens next….