Monthly Archives: December 2013

Waiting On Life

I thought that if I waited instead of heading head strong into life something good would come my way. For 40 yrs I headed into life without any fear and found some good and some bad. Some really bad. So I figured if I sit back, hide for a while, live honestly like I always have and do the right thing, right would knock on  my door. How could I have been so wrong? So this Christmas day I was granted some wisdom for free and given another chance to smile again. My blog may be plain but I am not. I was at a point where even my fav song sounded bad and music, which had saved me in the past was now like nails on a chalk board.

I linger about and try to save myself. It’s a hard road when fear seeps into your thoughts. Add living in the middle of no where to it and it’s a cocktail of sorts.

Good and Bad, again…..